GameCube controllers now work on Nintendo Switch


Button mapping isn't flawless - there's no home button on a GameCube controller, as an example, but it's still pretty neat. Super Smash Bros. players could possibly use the GameCube controller for any future Switch version of the game.

After the 4.0 update launched on Switch, a Twitter user by the name of Master Mewking discovered that the Wii U GamecCube controller adapter now works with the system. Also, some of the button combinations the commentator was used to on the Switch controller changed slightly when using the GameCube controller.

Today, a great new update for the Nintendo switch is available.

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As opposed to the Wii U, Nintendo Switch supports GameCube controller input for any and every game in its repertoire. The pad will be recognized as a wired USB pad. You'll be able to pair them up through the settings menu as well as by using the L and R buttons.

Getting the GameCube controller to work is easy. (The Switch doesn't have a Virtual Console of any kind yet.) Adding in support for the beloved GameCube controller is an encouraging first step, however - one that Nintendo may even have hinted to back in February. Hopefully, Switch owners haven't already thrown out their old GameCube controllers. But don't worry, if you are happy to use a wired controller, then Hori has you covered with its officially licensed Switch HORIPAD for under $30. Match version with local users is an option that automatically updates all installed games to the latest version and there is no need for each individual user to do it.