Google Pixel 2 finally adopts Bluetooth battery level reporting


We can verify this because of evidence we discovered in the system applications of the Google Pixel 2. Apart from providing high-end cameras with the first generation of Pixel smartphones the company had also promised unlimited photo backups at original quality to Google Photos. This is a feature that is supposed to enable Google Pixel and Nexus users share their screens, something that should be handy when trying to help your mom solve a problem on her phone while you are away. The all-new Pixel 2 Launcher is now available for download via APK Mirror.

PS: Photos/videos uploaded through Pixel 2 devices in original quality will not be affected after 2020, just that those uploaded thereafter will be in high-quality.

In case you didn't know, battery level reporting is when your phone will display a battery indicator next to your Bluetooth symbol in the status bar to let you know how much charge your device has left. It is available through a separate icon above the exposure slider on the right side of the screen. For instance, the search bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen.

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I haven't yet been able to test pair a Bluetooth device to a Google Pixel 2 in store, but the existence of this code in the live build of the Pixel 2 indicates that this feature is ready to go live. There is also a slightly different animation when expanding folders.

"Furthermore, the title bar's color has been changed to light grey instead of black while the 'volume key action" has been shifted to 'gestures" option instead of the "general' section at the top of the menu. For instance, "HDR+ enhanced" has become part of the on/off toggles and the photo viewer has been changed significantly that looks similar to the Google Photos.