Democratic Senator Feinstein, 84, 'all in' on re-election


Feinstein's decision to run for a fifth full term sets up a 2018 Senate race that could be a cakewalk for her or could draw a strong primary challenger from the left. "But there's still so much work left to do, from ending gun violence, to combating climate change, to ensuring proper and affordable access to healthcare, and to giving DREAMers the chance to stay in the United States". Feinstein's social media strategy created brief confusion on Twitter, until her spokesperson confirmed the validity of the account.

California Democrats until recently appeared on a almost endless wait to rise in political circles - with Feinstein and fellow Democrat Barbara Boxer as the state's long-standing US senators and fellow party member Jerry Brown serving four straight terms as governor.

Feinstein, 84, is California's senior senator and the oldest US senator in office.

An even bigger threat might come from more established Democrats, like state Senate President Kevin de Leon, who has been openly considering a run for months.

Feinstein said she supports DACA, but acknowledged the administration's argument that the order is on shaky legal ground.

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Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the progressive blog, tweeted "let's talk" at de León on Monday.

Now that Feinstein has announced her intentions, the political future of one other long-serving senator remains unknown. Sen. Kamala Harris and a rising star among liberals, quickly endorsed Feinstein in a Facebook post.

"Her policies are completely out of touch with California Democrats, and we think she'd be more at home in a Republican primary", said Corbin Trent, a member of the group.

However, when reminded of her age, a mere 38 percent said it would be good for her to run again, while 62 percent say it would be a bad idea.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, meanwhile, plans to host a fundraiser for Feinstein's re-election campaign, the Los Angeles Times reported last week.