A Former Cabinet Minister Is Leading An Attempted Coup Against Theresa May


U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May was hoping to rally the troops behind her with a speech at the Conservative Party's conference.

She suffered a series of coughing fits through her address, which was also interrupted by a comedian who handed her a P45 - claiming he had been asked to do so by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Grant Shapps says the prime minister can not recover following disastrous party conference speech.

In one of the most weird British political speeches in a generation, May's address on Wednesday to her annual conference was ruined by a comedian handing her a bogus employment termination letter, repeated coughing fits and even by letters falling off the slogans on the set behind her.

"If ever the PM needed a metaphor for service and duty and resolution through adversity, that battling performance was it!"

The Conservative Party is failing miserably to hide the fractures in its ranks.

Mrs May's speech had been seen as a chance to reassert her authority after seeing her Commons majority wiped out in the June general election and Cabinet feuding over Brexit.

"What the country needs is calm leadership and that's what I'm providing with the full support of my cabinet", May said in a statement. May's de facto deputy, Damian Green, also said she would carry on.

"There were some great policies in her speech, and nobody will be talking about them".

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Conservative MPs were reportedly taking soundings on whether they had the numbers to unseat Theresa May as leader after her car-crash conference speech on Wednesday.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has apologized to Conservatives for the party's poor election result, saying it was "too scripted" and "too presidential".

But Mr Shapps, who was co-chair of the party between 2012 and 2015, told the BBC Mrs May was a "perfectly decent person" but had "rolled the dice" and lost over her decision to call a snap election.

"I hold my hands up for that".

British political officials said they will re-evaluate security measures at government functions, after a prankster got within a few feet of Prime Minister Theresa May during a speech and handed her an unemployment form.

"I was about to talk about someone I want to give a P45 to: Jeremy Corbyn", she said to a standing ovation.

Sources close to the prime minister have said that the PM had caught the "conference cold", and that her many interviews and meetings this week have taken their toll on her voice.

Cabinet ministers tried to put a fearless face on the performance.