Google Assistant is now available on Play Store


The Google Assistant now has a new voice.

A list of gift categories lets on-the-go shoppers select and place orders for flowers and other products for delivery nationwide via voice tech on some Android and iPhone models.

For marketers, the greater presence of Google Assistant - and its competitors like Amazon Alexa - in the home open up new channels to reach consumers directly during their day-to-day routines.

That's not all that's new, of course. It's been a long time coming, but it can finally speak and understand languages other than English (US, UK, and Australian accents).

Google is also introducing Assistant Apps for Families that that comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act in the USA - as one would expect, these apps are now limited to the United States.

Uber Will No Longer Have a License to Operate in London
TfL turned down the renewal request, asserting that Uber is " not fit and proper " to hold such license in the city of London . And Twitter user she was "annoyed" at the decision as Uber allowed her to get out of "uncomfy" situations if out at night.

Google Assistant now also speaks other kinds of languages, too. Google HomeGoogle Home Goes "Max" for AudiophilesBetter, Faster, Smarter and Sleeker Notebook, the Pixelbook (Still Chromebook!)A Pen Worth $99. Google Assistant is getting more integrations with Nest, which is also owned by Google.

One of the biggest changes with the new app is that you can now customize your experience by selecting topics that interest you most. All by using only your voice. "The Android Beta Program gives you an opportunity to try out prerelease versions of Android and Android Wear, and provide feedback".

In less than seven months after its launch, the Bounce News Application is now rated as the number one App on the Google play store in Nigeria. Just say "OK Google, play Spotify" any time, anywhere and you will be able to enjoy your favorite tunes away from Home.

The more likely explanation at this stage is that Google is looking to emphasise the "Made By Google" moniker, and, since it hasn't actually outright "made" a smartwatch, the LG pairing don't fit with the rest of the Store's line.

To begin, the app is able to recognise and communicate information on set topics such as credit cards, loans or internet banking.