Kurdish Referendum: Turkey's Erdogan heads to Iran


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Teheran on October 4.

Ghasemi also says that the goal of Erdogan's trip is not only discussions on bilateral relations, but also about regional issues, including the Kurdish referendum.

The judge read out guilty verdicts for the first several defendants, according to a Reuters reporter at the court in Mugla, southwestern Turkey.

Touching upon counter-terrorism and border security issues, Akar added that Turkey and Iran have agreed to increase bilateral ties and cooperation in security related matters, to add to already strong political and economic relations.

"Words don't mean anything here as we didn't have a chance of a fair trial", said another defendant, Gokhan Sen.

Stressing the necessity of strengthening the central governments in Syria and Iraq in order to maintain the two countries' territorial integrity, facilitate the war on terror and prevent alterations in geographical borders, Rouhani said, "Any change in geographical borders will cause insecurity and instability to spread throughout the region".

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The two governments have taken opposing sides in the six-year civil war in Syria but relations have thawed this year with them both joining Russian Federation as co-sponsors of peace talks which began in Kazakstan in January.

He also said that the need for ensuring stability and peace in Iraq and Syria, and the humanitarian tragedy in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims, were also discussed during the meeting. But Kurdish leaders have said they will use it to press for negotiations on eventually forming their own state.

"The political, economic and global relations between Iran and Turkey are in a good position, but we should strive to advance military and defense cooperation consistent with other fields", Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday after his meeting with the Turkish top general.

On the economic front, Rouhani and Erdogan underlined the goal of tripling two-way trade to $30 billion in 2018, to be processed in their own currencies, easing the pressure on Iran whose banking sector is subject to United States sanctions.

The Turkish leader had accused Iran at the time of seeking to "dominate the region" and demanded that it withdraw its troops from Iraq and Syria. In return, Baqeri's Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar arrived in Iran for security talks on Sunday, days ahead of Erdogan's high-profile visit.