Student and Instructor Pilot Dead in Plane Crash in Tennessee


Two pilots were aboard the aircraft, an instructor and a student, both of them has not survived the crash.

Two pilots were aboard the aircraft, an instructor and a student. Their names are being withheld until 24 hours after next of kin notification.

The Navy told reporters a T-45 jet was missing after it took off from Naval Air Station Meridian in MS with an instructor and student pilot on board.

Investigators told Local 8 News they are keeping civilians three miles away from the crash site because the jet had explosives in it. Also Sunday, the Navy learned of a jet crash in that same area of Tennessee. The crash purportedly occurring in the Cherokee National Forest close to the Fish Hatchery on River Road.

More than 30 people are involved in the search.

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Donna France heard what happened last night. The service will consider oxygen issues in its investigation.

The Green Cove Store and Motel is providing lunch for the search crews. Chambers said the field of debris is estimated to be at least a half-mile long.

Two Navy pilots were killed when a T-45C Goshawk went down in East Tennessee on Sunday evening, officials with Naval Air Training confirmed Monday.

It is unknown at this time if there are any injuries.