Plane Headed to LAX Makes Emergency Landing in Newfoundland After Engine Damage


The pilot of flight AF66 from Paris to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency diversion to Goose Bay, Canada.

Rick Engebretsen, one of the passengers, wrote a Twitter message saying there was a "loud thud and a lot of vibration".

A passenger sharing one of the photos said: "I think the engine has seen better days".

Fortunately the plane was able to land safely.

Shocking images shared on social media show the plane's mangled engine.

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The plane landed safely and all passengers made it off the aircraft, but the damage to the engine looked pretty catastrophic.

They flight tracker website said: "During the flight, engine #4 (right hand side) suffered issue causing the loss of the engine inlet cowling".

The aircraft was fitted with turbofan GP7000 jet engines, manufactured by Engine Alliance.

Another passenger Daniel McNeely tweeted "one of our engines is slightly blown apart", before posting a picture of the shredded engine taken from inside the plane's cabin. The debris had to be cleaned up before Runway 26 could be reopened.