Amazon Just Came Out With a Whole New Line of Alexa Devices


The device was initially scheduled to launch some time in the first half of 2018, but the unveiling of the Echo Show seemingly put a lot of internal pressure, with Google trying to get it on the market before the year's end.

There is also a smaller version available for the Echo Plus which is nearly half the size of the original and you can get one for yourself now for about $99.

Fitted with Amazon's second-generation far-field microphones, the Echo Plus comes with Dolby surround sound for a better experience.

One of the interesting developments in the smart speaker race is how quickly it seems to have progressed from speakers that primarily play music and respond to voice commands, to ones that also incorporate a video screen and camera.

News from various sources has it to Tech Crunch that Google will be coming up with a tabletop "smart screen" for ongoing video calling and much more that will give neck to neck competition with the Echo Show of Amazon. Reports have revealed that Amazon is leading the race, with Google following close behind with a rumored device that is meant to compete with the Echo Show.

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It is introducing small devices for playing games called Amazon Buttons and another Alexa-powered device with a 2.5-inch screen called the Echo Spot. We literally carry portable computers around in our pockets every day, and they can do everything these devices have been shown to do and more. This is actually a bit odd since it lets you call yourself with your own phone number from an Echo.

All of these new devices build on Amazon's big win of getting the hardware and software scenario just right for Alexa.

It unveiled a new version of its Fire TV player that will stream 4K video similar to its predecessor, but will sell for $70, down from $100 previously.

With the Echo Plus taking falling in line with the dimensions of the Original Echo speakers, Amazon has chose to upgrade the Echo to give it a trimmed look, cutting its dimensions by 3.35-inches to make it measure 5.9-inches in size.

Recent rumours have suggested Google is on a similar track. Though it seems it will end up getting released in 2018 as it's already the end of 2017 nearly. An Amazon statement following the service interruption said that "Google has chosen to no longer make YouTube available on Echo Show, without explanation and without notification to customers".