Former soldier Henry Bolton elected as new leader of Ukip


Farage temporarily returned to the leadership and was then replaced by Paul Nuttall MEP, who promised to win pro-Brexit Labour-held constituencies in the north of England.

Mr Bolton, who was backed by Nigel Farage, stood for UKIP as police and crime commissioner in Kent in 2016, coming second.

FORMER cop and army officer Henry Bolton OBE has been elected leader of Ukip - in a shock result which caught the party and political commentators by surprise.

And it saved Ukip, whose support evaporated in the June general election, from the total collapse that would have been triggered by a Waters victory.

Mr Bolton is seen as being on the moderate wing of the party in a campaign which was dominated by the presence of Anne Marie Waters, director of Sharia Watch UK and anti-Islam candidate.

Bolton had warned his party against a lurch to the right and said he wanted to "resume Nigel Farage's legacy by restoring UKIP's relevance and authority".

Waters' defeat indicates the party is likely to keep its focus on Brexit instead of expanding it to include Islam.

The result, announced at the party's conference in Torquay, was greeted with cheers in the hall, but not everyone is happy and Ukip's troubles seem far from over.

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'You are the party, not me, and this party needs to serve its country.

The protesters stood with banners reading: "We say no to racism".

At the time the local Surrey newspaper described Bolton as being "concerned about negative campaigning on immigration".

He told Today he does not believe there will be a Brexit deal.

"I think that will grow as a natural effect of the devolution settlement". However it is not the end, when we leave the European Union that is not the end of the story.

Asked if he would "ban the burka", Mr Bolton said: "I don't think it's about banning the burka, is it?"

"Now if we've got a security problem with identifying people, it's not just about the burka, is it?"

He added that his own personal opinion is if anything is making it hard to identify an individual on the streets, it is "something that we need to address".