Here's How to Help the Victims of Mexico's 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake


The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake hit at 1:14 p.m. Tuesday, about 76 miles southeast of Mexico City.

A stronger 8.1-magnitude quake rocked Mexico City a week earlier but the epicenter was much closer this time, just 80 miles southeast of the capital.

Tezcucano, who was born in Mexico City, said news of the natural disaster came just as Mexicans were marking the anniversary of an quake that killed thousands in 1985. They've been digging through the rubbled remains of Mexico City to locate survivors, having burrowed through what's left of a primary school to find what must have been a truly harrowing sight: 22 children who had died in the quake.

Multiple buildings have collapsed or are severely damaged in densely populated parts of Mexico City and nearby states.

Mexico's president Enrique Pena Nieto declared a state of emergency and says rescue efforts are the priority. He writes Wednesday that beyond the lives lost, buildings, roads and bridges were damaged and "most activities were interrupted in Mexico City".

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The Queen has sent a message of sympathy to the president of Mexico following the devastating quake that has claimed hundreds of lives in his country.

Mexico City Airport closed after destruction of a 7.1 quake. Officials report that 44 buildings collapsed, including a school and a few apartments. "We're going to go to a building that fell to see if we can help".

Well after nightfall, rescue crews and volunteers in Mexico City - home to 20 million people - were still clawing through the rubble of dozens of collapsed buildings looking for survivors and bodies.

The teenager was allegedly spotted buying first-aid kits in a Mexico City Walmart following the quake. "We are with you and will be there for you", the president wrote on Twitter.

In addition to Mexico City, people were also killed in Puebla, Morelos, Mexico state and Guerrero. Roughly 40% of Mexico City and 60% of neighboring Morelos state were without electricity late Tuesday.