India Seeks Deportation of Rohingya for Security Reasons


The Centre on Monday told the Supreme Court not to interfere in the Rohingya issue as it was a policy decision to deport them and that some of them were linked to Pakistani terrorist groups. It also said there was information on Rohingya involvement in plots by Islamic State and other "extremist groups" to ignite communal and sectarian violence in India.

The Central Government observed that some Rohingyas are mobilizing funds through hawala channels, procuring fake documents and indulging in human trafficking.

The Indian government wants to deport the thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees living in India as it dubs them "illegal immigrants" who are a security threat. Nearly 400,000 refugees have fled the borders of Myanmar and entered into Bangladesh.

Terming the ongoing Rohingyas issue as a major challenge from across the border in Myanmar, the BJP leader said the government is handling infiltration and illegal migration with "utmost maturity".

It said many Rohingyas "illegally" obtained voter identity cards and Permanent Account Number cards required for filing income tax returns and for high-value financial transactions and some are "using the "hawala" route to raise money for illegal activities".

While the global community and the United Nations have questioned India regarding its decision, the Centre has been arguing that Rohingyas are a threat to the country's "national security".

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"There are elephants in the forest, close to the place where many Rohingya refugees are clearing forest to make huts, police official Chailau Murma said".

The Centre inits affidavit says presence of Rohingya Muslims in India is a drain on India's resources and a serious security threat to country.

The matter will next be heard on October 3. "No illegal immigrant can pray for a writ of this Court which directly or indirectly confers the fundamental rights in general.", the affidavit filed by the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

"I urged United Nations and other rights groups not to indulge in maligning India & Indian government image".

The Center said intelligence inputs show that illegal Rohingya immigrants in areas like Jammu, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mewat have links with terror organisations while some are involved in an organised influx of illegal immigrants from Myanmar through agents and touts.

Ahead of the hearing, junior home minister Kiren Rijiju said the government's stand to deport Rohingya refugees was in the nation's interest. Their petition says that the Centre's plan to deport them violated worldwide conventions. "I would like to request the International Human Rights Committee and Commissions to not spread anything wrong against India", he told media here.