Premier League clubs vote to close transfer window before the season starts


The majority of Premier League clubs agreed on Thursday to bring forward the closure of the summer transfer window next summer to August 7 - the Thursday before the 2018-19 season commences.

The window closed last Thursday, three weeks after the new season had started. I don't, however, think this will be a huge problem, for a couple reasons.

In a recent column for the Guardian, Spanish football expert Sid Lowe has predicted that Spain are unlikely to agree to the change, but it seems as though Germany and France may too follow the Premier League example.

From next summer English clubs won't be able to purchase players after the beginning of the season, so we'll see transfer deadline day moved to August 9.

It's official. The English Premier League has changed.

However, not every club was in support of the decision.

"Because it's important to start the season with the players who will finish".

Following complaints from fans, the Premier League charged the club and an independent commission, compromised of two senior barristers and a former club secretary, was set up to consider the case.

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There is an argument that a window that closes sooner actually encourages - or even necessitates - tapping up, something that has again become so commented upon this summer. For me, if this period is shorter it is better.

Dortmund were forced into a late reaction in the transfer market this summer following Ousmane Dembele's €105 million transfer to Barcelona.

He said: "I hate the fact that Alex Oxlade Chamberlain can play one game for Arsenal against Liverpool, then play for Liverpool the next week".

Furthermore, the issue isn't as pronounced as it sounds as it's highly unlikely Premier League clubs would sell their star players without being able to buy a replacement.

"What is certain is that it's good that everyone has the same date", he said. The January transfer window remains unaffected.

"Now we have to extend the discussion to a European level".

Calls to change that system have been growing for a while, and the matter was finally put to a vote today, passing just barely with the minimum of 14 votes (of the 20 Premier League teams) required.