Poland-backed refugee quota complaints rejected by top European Union court


On Wednesday, the ECJ said that it had "dismissed in its entirety the actions brought by Slovakia and Hungary", which aimed to have the quota system annulled.

In response to the crisis, the European Union reached an understanding with Turkey, which promised to take back millions of deported refugees and a deal was reached in 2015, which is popularly known as European Migrant Quota that aims to distribute migrants across Europe from the countries they first arrived.

Szijjarto said Hungary will continue to put emphasis on the defense of the EU's external borders and said it is time for the European Union to abandon the "unsuccessful" relocation scheme.

'It is time to be united and show full solidarity, ' Mr Avramopoulos said.

Article 78 (3) of the EU Treaty provides that 'in the event of one or more Member States being confronted by an emergency situation characterised by a sudden inflow of nationals of third countries, the Council, on a proposal from the Commission, may adopt provisional measures for the benefit of the Member State (s) concerned'.

It's not clear what consequences there will be, if any, for member states that refuse to take in migrants. European Union officials say countries will still have to share eligible asylum-seekers arriving in Greece and Italy up until September 26.

#ECJ confirms our view on the migration scheme.

"Now we can expect all European partners to stick to the ruling and implement the agreements without delay", German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said in a statement.

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"The Hungarian government considers today's decision by the European court to be appalling and irresponsible", Szijjarto said at a news conference.

The fences have mostly stopped refugees from passing through Hungary on their way to western Europe but Hungary has also greatly reduced the chances for asylum seekers to submit applications for protection in the country.

"The Slovak appeal did not concern the fact of whether or not Slovakia must take in migrants, " Peter Susko said in commenting on the sentence to ANSA.

Beata Szydlo, the Polish prime minister, said: 'We expected this decision.

Slovakia has accepted about 16 refugees as of July 2017.

Slovakia prime minister Robert Fico said his government "fully respects the court's decision" but added that the quotas were "politically wrong".

"We will continue to work on having solidarity expressed in different ways other than forcing [on us] migrants from other countries that don't want to be here anyway", he said.

He said migrant arrivals in Greece from Turkey had dropped 97 percent since the deal in March previous year, and that more than 8,800 Syrians in Turkey had now found homes in Europe.