Millions of Time Warner Cable customer's information exposed after data leak


"We were notified by a vendor that certain non-financial information of legacy Time Warner Cable customers who used the MyTWC app became potentially visible by external sources", Charter said in a statement. While it's unclear how numerous customers are still current subscribers, if you happen to be a TWC (now Charter Spectrum) customer, it's a great idea to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity related to any of your accounts for the immediate future.

The company said its early analysis suggested the information belonged to Broadsoft - which developed the MyTWC app. The leaked information regarded 4 million of TWC customers. However, the cache size made it hard for the researchers to pinpoint the exact number of affected persons.

One of the databases contained four million records relating to customers, but some were duplicates, meaning less than four million individual users were likely to have been affected.

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Charter Communications bought Time Warner Cable previous year and changed the name to Spectrum. The 600GB worth of personal data was discovered last month by the Kromtech Security Center (hat tip, Gizmodo) while its researchers were investigating an unrelated data breach at World Wrestling Entertainment.

TWC, which was acquired by Charter Communications past year and is now called Spectrum, said the data related to users of the MyTWC mobile application used to remotely manage accounts, which was developed by BroadSoft.

The report notes that in addition to customer records, the exposed data included internal ISP records ranging from SQL database dumps and internal emails, to code containing data that could result in the compromising of other ISP systems. But due to the size of the cache, however, the researchers could not immediately say precisely how many were affected. To be on the safe side, though, Charter is recommending that MyTWC owners change their user names and passwords. "We apologize for the frustration and anxiety this causes, and will communicate directly to customers if their information was involved in this incident". One of the repositories was secured nearly immediately following the email warning, despite claims by an India-based BroadSoft engineer (in an email response to Kromtech) that the repository had nothing to do with the cloud-based unified comms specialist. Each of them contained personal information of Time Warner Cable clients.