Cloud National Guard Soldiers, Helicopters to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims


Three other helicopters, along with 29 soldiers, were sent to Texas earlier this week from Nebraska, with the first mission seeing two UH-60 Black Hawks pick up 3,000 pounds of food and transport them from San Antonio to Galveston.

The Nebraska National Guard was deployed to Texas nearly a week ago and has since been rescuing survivors, hauling food, water and even 500 pounds of blood to a local hospital.

The 44-person medical team will join 36 current Nebraska National Guard crew members now working in relief efforts.

Multiple convoys from the Arkansas National Guard departed for the areas of Texas impacted by Harvey. "With the chinook, we're able to provide them with the services they need".

In a press release, Hutchinson said the deployment could extend up to 30 days.

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The 10 Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers join six airmen who deployed earlier this week.

Members of the Guard took off at 10:00 p.m. Friday from the Quonset Air National Guard Base. "This is what we train for; this is why America has a National Guard. Minnesota stands ready to assist in any way we can".

The PA National Guard anticipates sending more than 200 more guardsmen to assist with relief efforts through the weekend.

Governor Asa Hutchinson authorized the deployment of 1,500 National Guardsmen from Arkansas to head to Texas to help in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.