Google Assistant to be offered on more newer speakers and electronic appliances


The voice assistant from Google's Home smart speaker has been unleashed in third-party devices, with the launch of a new product from Panasonic that promises better sound quality. As with the smart agent on the Google Home and on Android devices, you get access to you calendar, Google Play Music account, and third-party services like Spotify, Nest, and IFTTT for broader integration with your smart home.

Panasonic's square pillar-shaped SC-GA10 speaker, created to recognize voices from every direction, will allow USA technology giant Google Inc.'s AI engine to play music, search for information and perform other tasks by voice commands, according to the company.

Google Assistant is also still supports a wide variety of home automation and smart home devices including products from Honeywell, Netatmo, TP-Link and Wemo, with more on the way.

Going beyond interactive speakers, Google has also partnered with LG to incorporate Google Assistant into appliances.

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Google's larger strategy here seems to be following in the footsteps of Amazon and its rival Alexa assistant.

Amazon opened up Alexa to third-party developers past year, resulting in a series of products powered by the retailer's digital assistant. The company also said more speakers will be added to the list before the end of the week. It's as easy as "Ok Google, start vacuuming".

Each of these speakers will be coming out later this year and are likely to hit the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France. In May 2017, GE announced that some of its upcoming appliances would feature Google Assistant.

Google is bringing Google Assistant to more third-party devices from manufacturers, including speakers and appliances. The company revealed that a lot of new speakers will get the digital assistant. "Ok Google, are my clothes clean?" or "is the laundry done?" They're competing to becoming the primary voice operating system, and want to see their assistants in other devices like cars, thermostats and other products. It' a reliable appliance most households will find useful because it can cut grass on its own so you don't have to drive a lawnmower and spend a lot of time doing the chore.