The day Britain stood still: Princess Diana's funeral


However the White Garden is set to be one of the most iconic memorials yet, with tributes from the public already being left for Diana at the Kensington Palace gates ahead of the anniversary tomorrow.

Now, the host of two documentaries, including Diana: In Her Own Words, is revealing how the princess really felt about her husband's betrayal.

Prince Harry was seen laying flowers at a tribute to his mother that had been created by fans at the Kensington Palace gates APTN Prince William looked solemn as he read some of the messages left to his late mother.

Jason, whose father is from the United Kingdom, says he remembers Diana as "very glamorous - but with a mischievous side", and says he feels it is important to remember the princess for her charity work.

"Together, they will reflect on the significant achievements of the Princess and the legacy of her work, which continues to resonate with so many today", a palace spokeswoman told Sky News.

Announcing the artwork in January this year, William and Harry had said, "It has been 20 years since our mother's death and the time is right to recognise her positive impact in the United Kingdom and around the world with a permanent statue". But what many don't know is that Princess Diana knew about their relationship (which began even before they tied the knot) - and she wasn't silent about it either.

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When it came to make-up, she enhanced her large brown eyes with a sleek flick of black liner and layers of mascara, and added a feminine touch to her look with a sweep of rose-hued blush across the apples of her cheeks.

On the eve of this fateful date of August 31, mark in 2017, the twenty years of the death of the princess, the trio royal has ventured between the puddles to visit in the gardens of the Kensington palace, the Sunken Garden.

On July 3 - what would have been Diana's 56th birthday - William and Harry held a service of re-dedication at Diana's grave on the island in Round Lake at Althorp, the Spencer family home.

On Thursday it will have been twenty years since Princess Diana died tragically in a auto crash in Paris. "I remember crying my heart out on my honeymoon", she said, likening herself to a "sacrificial lamb".

"When you have something so traumatic as the death of your mother when you're 15, it will either make or break you", William said in the "Diana, 7 Days" BBC documentary. "I wanted her to be proud of the person I would become".

Perhaps her greatest legacy is her two sons.