Merkel: Russia, Germany would benefit from lifting of sanctions


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday admonished some European countries for what she called their failure to accept a fair share of migrants and refugees during a crisis that has caused rifts across the continent.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said yesterday that they want better relations with Turkey, but they need to look at the truth of the situation, indicating that German citizens detained in Turkey should be released immediately.

Merkel said in her annual summer press conference in Berlin that the German government had chose to pursue a new direction in its "complicated" relations with Turkey due to the latter's disregard for due process and legal rights, Efe news reported. Her conservative Christian Democrats are far ahead of the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) in latest opinion polls.

The German chancellor is ahead comfortably in her re-election race, but her border policy has cost her politically.

"In spite of that, it is necessary to continue negotiations on the possibility of a [political] transition that would facilitate reconciliation", Merkel stated.

"I give it my best", Merkel said of her campaign for a fourth term.

Her party's support dropped as a effect and led to a surge in support for the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which pollsters say could win up to 10 per cent in next month's election.

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Over a million refugees and asylum seekers crossed into Germany in 2015 and majority stayed in the country.

In an interview yesterday, discussing her response to the refugee crisis, the Chancellor said she would do everything "the same way again" if she had the opportunity.

The five countries first introduced the checks as a record wave of refugees and migrants from Syria and other Middle East countries and from Africa streamed across Europe.

"We say clearly: no coalition with the AfD and no coalition with the Left", Merkel said, according to Reuters.

"We'll overcome that. It will take time and patience but we will succeed".

"... The rule of law in Poland - that's a serious issue because the requirements for cooperation within the European Union are the principles of the rule of law", she said.

The 28-nation European Union has not done enough to balance the distribution of migrants or provide services for them, she said. Merkel added that she would address the issue "in detail" with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker when he visits Germany on Wednesday.