Gamecocks take sides on Mayweather-McGregor


Pakistan's very own boxing champion Muhammad Waseem believes the fight between Floyd Mayweather and the UFC champion Connor McGregor is going to be a one-sided affair.

Saturday's megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is widely considered a one-sided mismatch, though it'll likely be the biggest event in combat sports history.

As of Saturday, four separate bets of $1 million or more had been placed on Mayweather to win. And people in the Boston area most certainly will be filling up the numerous Irish bars around the Hub to cheer for McGregor.

"We need to understand that boxing is a bigger sport than MMA, and this fight really doesn't feel that exciting", Waseem told The Express Tribune from Panama where he is training for his own bout in Columbia next month. We now have an answer thanks to a Nevada State Athletic Commission law that demands a promoter discloses all fighter purses for any contest in the state.

McGregor has looked scared in Las Vegas, and understandably so.

"Their response nearly universally was 'We don't care if it's a mismatch. if there's a.01 chance that something incredible could happen, we need to watch it'". McGregor would realize that he only has his fists to use and Mayweather is a champion in that.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor's guaranteed minimum purse for tonight is $30 million.

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Both Mayweather and McGregor have spent large parts of the build-up to the fight trash-talking, with an ill-tempered global promotional tour laced with expletives, repeated homophobic slurs and allegations of racist language.

So with a conservative estimate of five or six million buys, multiplied by $100 adds up to an obscene amount of money. money that the likes of McGregor has never seen before.

McGregor taunted Mayweather after tipping the scales at 153 pounds, well inside the 154-pound limit, but substantially heavier than his opponent, who weighed in at 149.5 pounds. While McGregor is entering uncharted territory for him, he's confident as ever to knock the undefeated Mayweather out.

"So I see him with his confidence".

The UFC star will have a significant weight advantage over Mayweather, but the odds remain stacked against him. "It won't go the distance".

Despite McGregor's mixed martial arts expertise, he's yet to compete with a professional boxer in a sanctioned fight. "Mark my words - I'm not anxious about the scales".