Jeff Flake: Donald Trump is 'inviting' a 2020 GOP primary opponent


"Chemtrail Kelli" - painted Ward as a far-right insane who has blamed Sen. John McCain who was the holdout Republican.

In discussing Trump's border wall after the hearing, Flake pointed out that he supported an ultimately unsuccessful 2013 measure that would have provided money for hundreds of miles of fencing and increased the number of agents serving in the U.S. Border Patrol.

The latest Republican target of President Donald Trump's public criticism is taking the disapproval with a grain of salt. He has already held members' seats over their heads this year during the health care debate - and now is going notably further.

Flake said the administration should take a step back and consider the best way to make the border safe, not carry through on a campaign talking point. Dean Heller (NV) - are seats that Democrats have a real shot at picking off.

Earlier this month, Trump tweeted praise for one of Flake's primary challengers, Dr. Kelli Ward, and called Flake "toxic".

In defending his responses to the Charlottesville violence, Trump selectively omitted his reference to "many sides" or "both sides", comments he made that drew bipartisan condemnation for equating neo-Nazis with their counterprotesters.

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But campaign officials also are looking at a few national cable television sports, according to the Hill.

"You don't serve Arizona by cutting backroom deals in Washington, DC".

The sense among participants, the two sources said, was that Franks won't enter the Senate primary and DeWit, who is under consideration for posts within Trump's administration, is unlikely to do so - so the focus is on Graham. "I'm running my own campaign. It's going well. And what the president does, that's his prerogative", Flake told the newspaper.

Flake said the median time last year for an appeal to the Ninth Circuit was more than a year - nearly twice the national average. He refused to support Trump's nomination, repeatedly expressed skepticism over Trump's alleged ties with Russian Federation, and dampened expectations on the Republican agenda, contradicting Trump's desire for fast policy wins. He saw the president "trying to preserve his image as an outsider by criticizing specific lawmakers for inaction by Congress" - in an effort that is counterproductive. They need to focus on winning the 2018 midterm election, Wilson said. "They have such a razor-thin majority in the Senate".

Even so, Trump is making life very hard for incumbent Republicans.

The working relationship between the White House and Republican senators has already been strained, especially after America First, a pro-Trump Super PAC, ran an attack ad against Sen.