US, Mexico, Canada committed to updating NAFTA


"I think we'll probably end up terminating NAFTA at some point", Trump said, adding, "I personally don't think you can make a deal without a termination".

He said expanding foreign companies' procurement rights to state- and local-level contracts is always complicated and it's especially the case now, he said, in a political climate marked by a so-called "America First" presidency. "Texas benefits from the fact that we're the number one exporting state in the nation, and NAFTA has been an important part of that", Cornyn said during a visit to Austin. The deal involves Canada, the USA, and Mexico. "Because we have been so badly taken advantage of".

In this brief, we discuss the sharp rise in USA government lobbying in the run up to the NAFTA renegotiations, the reform of Chapter 11 (the investor-state dispute settlement chapter of NAFTA), and a Trade Case Alert relating to certain polyethylene terephthalate resin from China, India, Oman and Pakistan. But the agreement has long fueled heated criticism in the United States because it led some American-based manufacturers to move operations south of the border to capitalize on lower-wage Mexican labor. Trade deals usually take years to negotiate.

CANADA - The Canadian Meat Council suggests a successful NAFTA renegotiation could enhance the competitiveness of Canada, the United States and Mexico in worldwide markets for meat, writes Bruce Cochrane. The top priority for the administration is the reduction in the United States' trade deficit.

US stocks closed lower on Wednesday as investors grappled with a threat from President Donald Trump to shut down the government if Congress fails to fund a Mexico border wall.

"President Trump has been clear from the very beginning that if the NAFTA renegotiation is unsuccessful, he will withdraw from the agreement", Lighthizer said in a statement, adding that he's working on "substantial changes" in the deal to fix its "fundamental failures". More rounds will likely follow.

WASHINGTON - One day after President Donald Trump's prediction that the US could "end up terminating NAFTA at some point", business and political leaders expressed hope Wednesday that negotiations on a new deal will still be allowed to play out.

Jones predicted that "sanity will prevail" - that the US government will recognize that the United States benefits from an economically unified North America.

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Without the support of Congress, a president might withdraw the USA from the global agreement, but he could not singlehandedly wave away the law on the U.S. books that implemented NAFTA.

"There's not enough red meat to be gained in the NAFTA modernization to satisfy those voters", Ujczo said.

"What we've seen over this last week or so in financial markets has been a bit of wiggling around regarding the USA political situation", said Paul Eitelman, multi-asset investment strategist at Russell Investments in Seattle.

"He's negotiating in his own particular style", Videgaray told a local TV station. "The U.S. should not allow protectionist elements in undermine a market opening made possible by NAFTA".

I join producers in Nebraska and across the country in watching closely as NAFTA negotiations continue.

Monarch's Jones predicted that "sanity will prevail" and that the USA will remain in NAFTA.

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