Exclusives Coming to Rocket League on Switch


Rocket League is due out for Switch this holiday.

It was already guaranteed that I'd be buying Rocket League on Switch, but I guess Nintendo wanted to make sure.

While the Mario and Luigi cars look good, Samus' Gunship is on another level entirely. Players will still need to complete certain in-game goals to get them but there will be no paywall outside of purchasing the game.

For the curious, team color decides which version of the new Battle-Cars appear on the pitch.

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Today one of those possibilities has become a reality with Psyonix announcing that Rocket League will have special Mario and Luigi cars, along with Samus' ship from Metroid exclusively available on Nintendo Switch. The two cars are identical except for the color, and the one you get will depend on which team you're on. This is absolutely the sort of sci-fi auto that we can imagine Samus Aran owning and it even comes complete with a Wave Beam boost trail.

No definitive release date has been locked down for the game yet but all signs are pointing to a release some time this year.

Rocket League is a futuristic action-sports game where players pilot rocket-powered vehicles in an enhanced version of soccer by driving their vehicles into the ball and other players in a variety of arenas.