Two newest astronauts moonstruck as Canada looks beyond space station


Americans found themselves gazing upwards on Monday when a total eclipse swept over the country.

While a swath of the United States will see a total solar eclipse Monday afternoon, Shore residents will experience about 73 percent of the event, data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shows.

The blip of the space station, moves from right to left diagonally down away from the encroaching dark circle of the moon, which in the midst of a partial solar eclipse.

But, in an interview from Houston today, the 35-year-old Albertan said the plan after the space station is already starting to be defined.

In a stunning photo tweeted by the ISS crew, what looks like a pesky speck of dust is actually the silhouette of the orbiting laboratory during one of its three revolutions around the sun.

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The path of totality stretched from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, NASA reports.

What at first appeared to be a sunspot or some other irregularity, in fact turned out to be the space station.

Nasa, however, has trumped them all - as you'll see by clicking the gallery above.

Space agency photo editor Joel Kowsky used a high-speed camera from a vantage point in Banner, Wyoming to shoot the eclipse at the exact moment the ISS flew in front of it 250 miles above the Earth. Although we don't think those are proper eclipse glasses.