Watch The Final Trailer For 'Marvel's The Defenders'


Bonus points for the trailer's "menacing string section" actually being accompanied by footage of Alexandra listening to a menacing string quartet.

Our Netflix superheroes will unite in Marvel's The Defenders! And really, I could watch Jessica Jones smirk and call Danny Rand "Ironclad" on repeat for a while.

And she's sleepy as hell.

Despite all the dark plots and danger we see in the trailer, there's also hints of the humor that can grace each of the Defenders' stand-alone shows.

The counterpoint is that The Defenders is, by its nature, nearly totally inaccessible to newcomers.

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She added that she sees Jones as "a character who has super powers" rather than as a superhero. Cage has to get out of prison and reconnect with his new love interest Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson); Jones has to balance her careers as a private detective and a fall-down drunk; Daredevil has to fix his legal career and sulk in confessional; and Iron Fist has to continue his war against the mysterious Hand, the aforementioned crime syndicate. "NY is so densely populated ..." "We don't know how this is all going to end up, how it's all going to play itself out".

"But if you've been to NY, you immediately can tell". And then a spin-off from that one for Luke Cage. The series is, and was only ever, meant for people who've been following the saga from the beginning - so why waste so much screen time on labourious, drawn-out scene setting? Weaver's casting is ideal for the role, bringing gravitas and menace to a character who is also desperately vulnerable in ways we won't spoil. That's ultra important, as Elektra seems to be being used as a weapon for a certain evil organization.

"I can see you've formed a bond here", she continues about the Defenders team that also features Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter).

What Alexandra's plan is exactly is still unknown, but we get glimpses of that in the trailer, and it sounds like big trouble for NY.

Colleen WingThe former Hand apprentice has shifted allegiances before-will she stay loyal to Danny in "The Defenders?".