Federal Bureau of Investigation searches home of ex-Trump aide


Given the president's frantic attacks on the special counsel, for once I agree with Barr.

A national firestorm ensued. In that context, the tweets start to make sense, and it's hard to imagine that there was any other catalyst for them now that we have this new information.

The Senate judiciary committee still has not received a response to its letter to the Justice Department about warrants the FBI sought under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act as part of the bureau's probe into potential Trump and Russian Federation collusion, congressional sources said. Those relationships were the catalyst for him leaving Trump's team.

Trump said he has not spoken to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions or the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the raid.

Trump also insisted Thursday that he has not considered firing Mueller.

Legal experst contend the timing of the raid indicates that not only does Mueller believe a crime has been committed, but he doesn't trust Manafort will fully cooperate with either his or Congressional investigations.

The panel's two leaders, Sens.

Leaks may occur because "prosecutors and investigators are being cajoled by those interested in the escalation of the conflict with Russia", the lawyer said, adding that former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and United Kingdom financier William Browder may be among those individuals. In these circumstances, the contemporary equivalent of the three institutions that resolved the Watergate scandal will again be needed. However it is a secret part of the investigation. "So what is Mueller investigating?".

Mueller is reportely probing whether President Trump obstructed justice by firing former FBI head James Comey
Mueller is reportely probing whether President Trump obstructed justice by firing former FBI head James Comey

"The Justice Department is an extraordinarily left-wing institution", the former Georgia congressman huffed recently on NPR.

But that alone is not enough.

Andrew Kent, a Fordham University law professor, said the expansion of Mueller's investigation has put Trump and the special counsel on a collision course.

The assertion made by trump in the tweet happens to be false, no surprise.

As noted, a large number of House Republicans have expressed their support of Mueller, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"I thought it was a very, very strong signal, or whatever", Trump said of the raid, speaking to reporters at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he is vacationing.

If the termination occurs, they need to prove they meant it and commence House Judiciary proceedings, and let the chips fall where they may.

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