Spain Should Make Improvements to Be Ready for Migration Inflow


Three times as many migrants have arrived so far in 2017 as the amount who had arrived in the same period a year ago.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) - incorporated into the United Nations system in late 2016 - says the number of migrants arriving in Spain is three times higher than it was this time a year ago.

Holidaymakers on a beach in southern Spain Wednesday were stunned when a black rubber boat full of migrants reached the shore, its occupants jumping out and running away as scores of sun-worshippers looked on.

The International Organisation for Migration said it had found the shallow graves of 29 migrants on a beach in the southern province of Shabwa after they had been buried by survivors.

The next day, about 700 other migrants from Africa tried unsuccessfully to storm the border crossing between Morocco and Ceuta, a tiny Spanish enclave on Africa's northwest tip.

The arrivals to Greece decreased to 12,191 this year, when compared to 161,232 last year, the IOM said.

More than 8,000 migrants have arrived by sea in Spain, nearly as many as the 11,713 who have landed in Greece. Despite Spain's increase, migration across Europe is down overall when juxtaposed with last year's numbers.

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He said many people taking the long route towards Europe were from west African countries like Senegal, Gambia, Guinea or Ivory Coast.

He added that the boats crossing the short but choppy sea to Spain were much smaller than those launching from Libya to Italy.

The migrants either make it to the Spanish coast or are intercepted in the Mediterranean Sea by Spain's marine rescue service and then taken ashore. Islamists are reported to be plotting a strike against tourist beaches similar to the one in Sousse, Tunisia, in 2015, which left 38 people - including 30 Britons - dead.

"It's always surprising to see pregnant women and children - even if there aren't many - who try to cross in these conditions, risking their life and that of the kids for a better life".

Both cities are the EU's only land borders with Africa.

The migrants were blocked by Moroccan police before they reached the double fence at the border.