Teenager jumps out of plane's emergency exit as it lands


The Panama-based airline said in a brief statement that a crew member on Copa Airlines Flight 208 closed the door and the plane then taxied to the gate, where all the other passengers got off the flight without incident.

A teenager has been arrested after he jumped out of a plane just seconds after it landed on the tarmac at San Francisco International airport.

"The door's open. Someone jumped off, '" said Matt Crowder of Atherton, California.

According to AP, Doug Yakel, an airfield construction crew who confronted the boy, said the teen appeared to be in a state of emotional setback. He was also reportedly taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The teen was not injured in the incident. According to the passengers, the boy seemed too anxious and fidgety throughout the flight.

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A teen in San Francisco on Tuesday chose to take one of the worst unaddressed problems of air travel into his own hands: You can never get off the dang plane fast enough. And then he just starts running the other way.

Passenger Isaac Rodrigues said a flight attendant used her body to block the gap where the door had been until the plane was at a gate. The passenger has been taken into custody by law enforcement.

Passengers of a Copa Airlines flight say a teenage boy who opened an emergency door and jumped to a tarmac was very quick and that people sitting next to him didn't have time to stop him.

No runways were affected, and there was no operational impact as a result. "We are cooperating fully with the relevant authorities to support the ongoing investigation".