Sony hikes PlayStation Plus fees by a quarter


Quarterly sales in the semiconductor business, which includes sensors for use in smartphone cameras, soared more than 40 per cent after production was hampered a year earlier by major earthquakes in southern Japan.

Sony Corporation just announced its latest financial results for the last quarter ending June 30, and it would seem that the company is largely out of the woods after it was reported that its profits have jumped significantly during the mid-year quarter. As for the revenue, they marked a sharp drop due to the lack of the launch of important first party titles during this period.

Earnings per share grew to 62.70 yen or $0.56 from 16.44 yen a year ago. Under the new pricing structure, the cost of an annual membership will increase by a quarter from its current £39.99 level to £49.99; the cost of a quarterly membership will increase by the same proportion, going from £14.99 to £19.99, while the fee for those choosing to play monthly is to go from £5.99 to £6.99.

Five years ago, after seeing losses of $2.9 billion, Sony announced that it would be focusing its efforts on dominating three things: games, mobile, and image sensors.

The surge in profit reflected the recovery for image sensors from damage from an quake sustained past year, said the company.

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- Digital download revenue, meanwhile, fell 22.1 percent to $116.5 million (12.94 billion yen), down from the $153.66 million (16.6 billion yen) tallied in the first quarter of 2016.

- Physical's growth meant that it increased to 33.6 percent of all recorded music revenue, up from 32.2 percent of revenue.

Net Sales - 1.98 trillion yen ($17.92 billion) in net sales, up 4.76% from April's 1.89 trillion yen ($17.10 billion) forecast.

Today, Sony released information about its financial earnings for the quarter, confirming lifetime shipped sales for PS4 at 63.3 million units.

Further, for fiscal 2018, the company continues to expect attributable net income of 255 billion yen, and operating income of 500 billion yen.