US Navy Ship Fires Warning Shots Near Iranian Ship


The Cyclone class coastal patrol ship USS Thunderbolt (PC 12) transits along other PCs during an exercise in the Arabian Gulf.

Earlier on Tuesday, a US official was quoted by media as saying that warning shots were fired from a US Navy vessel towards an Iranian boat north of the Persian Gulf. In late April, the guided-missile destroyer Mahan was forced to fire warning flares to halt the approach of an IRGCN vessel in what was the seventh such encounter of the year. It became a propaganda coup for Iran's hard-liners, as Iranian state television repeatedly aired footage of the Americans on their knees, their hands on their heads. The Iranian ship did not respond to radio calls, flares and horn blasts as it came within 150 yards (137 meters) of the Thunderbolt, forcing the USA sailors aboard to fire the warning shots, McConnaughey said. The Iranian vessel halted its approach after the warning shots were fired, coming within 150 yards of the US ship.

The Iranian vessel was from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the statement said, adding that it stopped its unsafe approach after the warning shots were fired.

"The Iranian vessel's actions were not in accordance with the internationally recognized".

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The U.S. ship, the USS Thunderbolt, is a U.S. patrol ship.

Tense naval encounters are not uncommon between Iranian and U.S. forces in the Gulf: Ten U.S. sailors were detained by the Iranian military in January 2016.

He said the US ship "had to act for the safety of the crew". Saudi Arabia and Iran have also been involved in naval incidents, such as one last month when Iranian fishermen were accused by Saudi Arabia of being operatives for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

I don't know why the Iranians keep provoking us.