Legendaries Likely To Arrive This Weekend; Legendary Raid Pass Spotted


Meteorologists expect rain throughout the day of Pokemon GO Fest, which could affect attendance for the event. Also, the update introduces a new ability for trainers to send Berries to their Pokemon defending Gyms via the Pokemon info screen when they are not nearby.

Last week, Niantic confirmed that players who cannot be physically present in the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago can still join the festivities.

Ahead of this weekend's festival, which is the first official live event that has been planned for the popular mobile AR game, Niantic will be rolling out a new update for Pokemon Go. But some players already struggle to make it through tier four Raid Battles, so will defeating legendary Pokemon even be realistic for them?

Legendary Pokemon are rare, powerful Pokemon. According to the official patch notes, Niantic added new icons on the Pokemon Information screen.

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If the Chicago players are successful, then Legendary Raids will start appearing around the world. One false start aside, they will finally be introduced later this week to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary.

Legendary Pokemon have been a long time coming in Pokemon Go. The two minute commercial shows a large crowd of players battling all five Legendary Birds in an epic free-for-all battle. At that point, they need to work together to defeat the Legendary Pokemon using the game's new cooperative raids feature.

Also worth considering when evaluating how hard a legendary Raid Battle will be is the fact that in theory, these will attract a much larger group of players than a battle at a lower tier.

Niantic may just be saving their comments for when they might reveal the release of the Legendaries at the first Pokemon GO Fest event at the Chicago Grant Park on July 22, which is a few days from now. But stay tuned. Legendary Pokemon will be arriving soon, and we'll keep you posted.