Trump presses Congress on health care bill: Get it done


"My hope is that we can avoid the mistake that President (Barack) Obama made when he passed a major health care reform bill, the Affordable Care Act, without a single Republican vote".

Last week, McConnell said he would introduce a fresh bill in about a week, but he also acknowledged that if the broader effort fails, he may turn to a smaller bill with quick help for insurers and consumers and negotiate with Democrats.

While conservatives are mainly behind the second option, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made waves on Thursday by saying that his party could work with Democrats to stabilize ObamaCare markets if the repeal bill fails. "That's what democracy is supposed to be all about".

"I can not imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a attractive new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!" he said on Twitter.

"They will get a repeal and replace bill done", White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on the same show. "Millions of young people suddenly have much lower premiums".

"We've got a new version that comes out today". Bill Cassidy, (R-La.) who told Fox News' Chris Wallace on Sunday that "we don't know what the plan is".

Schumer earlier this year had said Democrats would not work on a health care plan with Republicans if efforts to repeal Obamacare were a part of the new legislation, and Republican leaders have been trying to pass their bill through a Senate procedure called "reconciliation", which would only require 50 votes to pass.

Two of the most vulnerable populations in Oklahoma would bear the brunt of cuts to federal Medicaid funds that would occur if either of two bills meant to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act became law.

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Other Republicans, including McConnell, had warned that the BCRA's failure would lead to a deal on subsidies.

Paul said he spoke with Trump over the weekend. "So, that's my goal, my preference".

That gives Congress roughly three weeks before its August recess to overcome internal Republican bickering and Democrat opposition, craft a bill Trump likes, pass both the House and Senate, and get it to the president for his signature. Republicans now are attempting to use those same rules to pass the health care bill, evidence that passing a tax a bill could prove just as tricky. The Congressional Budget Office announced recently it can keep paying America's bills through October.

The Senate confirmation hearing for Federal Bureau of Investigation nominee Chris Wray is likely to draw much attention this week. But it also comes after Trump talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin about his country's alleged interference in the U.S. elections when they met last week.

Trump chided lawmakers as the Senate reconvened after a week off for the July 4 independence holiday and with the House of Representatives scheduled back in session on Tuesday.

Trump also sought to shape the emerging narrative over the meeting, apparently seeking to rebut critics who argue that he was not sufficiently tough on the election meddling issue in the Putin showdown. Republicans denied that was their intent, insisting that the "blue slip" violation, which mandates that bills generating revenue begin in the House, had to be addressed first.

The week-long recess in Senate prompted many Senators to return to their constituencies, thus giving them an opportunity to gauge the public response to the new bill and the response has been overwhelmingly against it. The ambassador to the USA from that country, which is now part of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, is scheduled to testify.