White House gender pay gap worse than national average, report says


On average, women in the overall US workforce make 82 cents on the dollar.

The report said the average salary among men working in the white house was more than $105,000 a year.

But the gender pay gap in the White House stands at 20 percent, CNN reported, with women earning 80 cents to every dollar earned by a man.

Of the 22 staffers paid the highest White House wage ($179,700.00), only five are women: senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, director of communications for the office of public liaison Omarosa Manigault, deputy national security advisor Kathleen McFarland, deputy national security advisor from strategy Dina Powell, and chief of staff to the First Lady Lindsay Reynolds. To calculate average salary, three employees reporting no earnings, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and one employee whose gender CNN was unable to confirm, were excluded. Twenty-two employees are paid that salary and six of those are women.

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On average, the difference between male and female salaries in the general economy is 23.5 percent, and in the current White House it's 45 percent.

The news outlet buries the real news in its fourth paragraph, which states that the pay gap "is primarily due to more women filling lower-ranking jobs". Analysis of last year's annual report to Congress by the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute found that women working in the White House under Obama earned 89.25 cents for every dollar paid to their male colleagues. But she was quickly lambasted for the remark, as critics pointed to her father's earlier decision to revoke the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order that President Barack Obama signed in 2014.

Ivanka Trump took her plea for equal pay for equal work directly to CEOs at a Tuesday summit at the White House.

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