All Future Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC Is Cancelled


This leaves a "skeleton crew" that is working on basic patches and multiplayer DLC with no one left over for any type of single-player content, according to sources. All previous Mass Effect titles all featured single-player DLC that expanded upon the story, and explored different aspects of the game's universe. The situation got out of hand so badly that BioWare and EA had to take to official channels once again and tell people once and for all (hopefully) that there is no final secret DLC coming to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Alarm bells would have certainly started going off during E3 2017, when no mention of Mass Effect Andromeda DLC was made during EA Play. Fans had expected a similar approach for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but mediocre reviews and animation memes have steered the series in an unfortunate new direction. Andromeda was to mark the beginning of a new ME chapter, and it now appears that development woes ensured its death even before its launch, which is a true pity. Kotaku first reported in April that BioWare shelved plans for a Mass Effect: Andromeda sequel and transferred its employees to other BioWare studios to work on other projects like Anthem. Of course, Bioware could still change its mind or make new plans.

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However, while a quick Google of Sinclair Networks does bring up a few results, Reddit sleuths have found some alarming inconsistencies that have led some to conclude that the entire thing is a hoax. And Mike Gamble added that Bioware has never heard of anything called as Sinclair Networks. It's unfortunate for sure, as expanded story content in the past has been something fans have looked forward to, especially in the case of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.