Record travel expected as gas hits 14-year low


While strong demand and smaller inventories will keep prices relatively high in the West and Rocky Mountain regions, the overall trend suggests that drivers will continue to see cheap gas for the remainder of the summer travel season. senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said the projected national average for regular will be $2.21 a gallon, a cent above the average for the Fourth of July holiday in 2005, and six cents lower than prices in 2016. "Perhaps we can finally get rid of the myth that gas prices go up for the holiday".

According to GasBuddy, SUV drivers can save on average $11 per fill-up by stopping at the favorable end of the price spread, while smaller cars can save $6.

In the Austin area, AAA Texas says the average price per gallon for unleaded fuel is $2.05, down a nickel compared with a week ago.

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“These record low gas prices for this decade will benefit an all-time record number of Independence Day travelers, ” says Jeffrey Spring, ” a spokesman for the Automobile Club of Southern California.

If you're hitting the road this long weekend, you can plan to pay less at the pump, with experts forecasting prices will be at their lowest since 2010. "This is like Christmas in July, instead of seeing fireworks at the pumps like we saw just a few short years ago".

AAA predicts that 44.2 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home between June 30 and July 4. "With the country's lowest unemployment rate - the fourth-ever lowest unemployment rate ever recorded in any state's history - consumer confidence is high". But thats 3.4 cents less than last weeks average in the Central Coast city, the AAA says. Among gas stations in the same state, the spread3 stands at 51 cents per gallon. "And with historically low prices on gas, airfares, auto rentals, and hotels, Coloradans are realizing that their money will take them further than ever".