Uber App Now Lets You Request a Ride for Someone Else


The new feature starts rolling out the in the USA and 30 additional countries today including India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and more.

The new feature will be available starting Tuesday for those with the most up-to-date version of the Uber app. From here, you select the rider from your address book, assign their destination, and boom, you're done. The app will ask you if the ride is for yourself or someone else only when you're requesting a ride in an area that's not your home. In that case, you can select cash as the payment method and the rider will have to pay at the end of the trip.

The company says the new service is primarily aimed at seniors who make up 10-percent of the global population.

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In a software update offered Tuesday, the ride-sharing app Uber is looking to make it easier on families. But it appears that the rider at least needs some kind of cellphone in order to receive the text message with the driver's information, and Uber's example image shows the text being received on an iPhone.

Meanwhile Lyft-Uber's biggest competitor-has also been rolling out new app improvements in the last few weeks. Riders will not need to have an Uber account. The rider wouldn't quite know which auto to be looking for the and the driver wouldn't know who the rider is. This means that those who don't have a smartphone can call the driver (and vice versa), while those who do have a smartphone can track the driver's route even if they don't have the Uber app installed. Also, the company said Uber Freight won't charge drivers a commission, thereby eliminating issues that have affected its business model in the last couple of years.