The Crew 2 Includes Planes, Boats, and Motorcycles


Instead of being tethered to a boring old roadway in North America, the team based open world racing/driving game now takes place on asphalt, dirt, water and in the skies all across the USA.

While we were expecting The Crew 2 to be set in a new location such as Europe, the U.S. map has been redesigned to incorporate the new vehicle variety.

Check out the videos on this page to see The Crew 2 in its various guises. In The Crew 2 players will be able to compete in all sorts of motorsports including cars, boats, and even planes.

Jumping us into the heart of the city, we're on the road street racing, drifting and looking pretty damn awesome. You won't only be racing cars, you'll be racing many more types of motor vehicles, including ATVs, speedboats, planes, and more.

The Crew 2 is set for release early 2018 for the Xbox One PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the trailer below!

"The Crew 2's massive and living open world offers a diverse range of locations built for non-stop multiplayer competition and no-limit exploration on the ground, sea and sky". Every achievement you make is saved as a challenge for other players to complete.

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This being E3, we're still unsure regarding some of the game's finer points.

And with that, Beley reckons "it's time to take The Crew way beyond driving".

The Crew 2 also got a gameplay walkthrough that shows off some of the acrobatics players will be able to pull off over land, air and sea.

A new control mechanism lets you switch between three types of vehicle during races so you could fly for a while, jump into a speedboat and then finish in a auto. The big question for this game is whether or not the rather thin story mode has been fleshed out at all this time around.

The game is still early in development so we will be getting more details as the year progresses.