Palestinians say Gaza man killed at protest on Gaza border


Hamas blamed Israel for his killing and last month put to death three Palestinians it said were involved after a week-long trial. "If these talks don't lead to new understandings getting Hamas out of its hard political situation, I think there will be more crises", said Abusada.

He said Qatar-supported Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, "undermines the Palestinian Authority".

On Tuesday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that to rebuild relations, Doha must cut its support for "extremist" groups, including Hamas.

Report says Hamas' military commander in West Bank, Saleh al-Arouri, is believed to be in Malaysia following fallout between Qatar and five other Arab states.

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Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian leadership have stalled. If it does, the result could be disastrous for Hamas-ruled Gaza, according to an AP analysis.

In a sign that Hamas is rapidly reassessing what the regional shifts mean, its new leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, is now in Egypt for meetings. "They are using the money given by the Saudis and Gulf states to fund the terror attacks ordered by Iran".

Now, Qatar's neighbours seem to have joined the fray, inching closer to fully endorsing Israel's narrative on groups such as Hamas, in the name of fighting extremism and terrorism, without defining either.

"Things are foggy for Hamas now", said Ashraf Abouelhoul, a writer and analyst for Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper. Will they leave Qatar? The Saudi position is very clear: "Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood must leave Qatar". Barhoum said Hamas clarified the issue with other militant groups who denied having any "resistance-related works" in the area. "If Hamas hesitates or acts too late or chooses the Iranian-Qatari camp it will face difficulties on all fronts", he said.