Some Features of macOS High Sierra


Tim Cook introduced the Mac OS update by calling it the "heart and soul" of Apple.

App Store will be available for users as part of the iOS 11, which is coming as a free software update later this year. This is fast and can offer up to 10x times better performance and is used for machine learning for deep learning algorithms.

Apple's APFS file system will be the default in the new version, bringing its superior performance and robustness to the desktop Mac, months after Apple made the switch on the iPhone.

With the changes to Safari, Apple has benchmarked the web browser and found it to be the fastest available.

Here is what you need to know about the macOS High Sierra release date, features, and macOS High Sierra compatibility as the developer beta arrives and a public macOS High Sierra is on the horizon.

A whole new Photos app for all the Photogenics out there.

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After announcing Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV and updates to watchOS during the keynote address kicking off the WWDC 2017, Apple moved on to its next big update to macOS, called High Sierra.

If your device can run macOS Sierra, the good news is that it will be able to run macOS High Sierra as well. Instead of asking a website to not track your activity, Safari in High Sierra will use machine learning to actively block the trackers.

The Photos app adds persistent sidebar and new view that has all of an user's imports in chronological order to help find everything being looked for. Apple is partnering with Valve to support SteamVR, along with support for the Unreal 4 engine and Unity.

The Metal API has had an upgrade with the release today of Metal 2 and an accompanying developer kit.

Apple's latest operating system, macOS High Sierra, will bring several incremental improvements to Apple's own apps as well as a significant file system overhaul behind the scenes to make Cupertino's laptops and desktops more responsive. It will now include auto-play blocking for video advertisements, as well as intelligent tracking protection to better protect user browsing and history data. Further the potential support for Virtual Reality content creation, from High Sierra macOS lets efficacious VR games development, and improved Stream VR experience, with external HTC Vive headset.