May's lead widens ahead of June 8 election - ORB poll


Mrs May responded by defending her decision to go back on her initial position over an early vote saying she "had the balls to call an election".

"Since Corbyn's election as Labour leader, unsupportive MPs, campaigning groups and journalists have been desperate to paint him and the movement who support him as anti-Semitic fanatics, despite knowing it's really not the case", Segalov, who is Jewish, wrote in September in a column published by The Independent. But Theresa May should have learnt from the past that opinion polls could be as unreliable as voters are fickle. A view that was seconded by Angela Rayner, British Labour politician and the shadow education secretary. With talks on Brexit - the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union - due to start two weeks or so from now, May was counting on projecting herself as a tough negotiator who would be best able to secure the most favourable exit terms for the country.

One well-placed Labour official said before Friday's prime-time TV grilling that scores of "safe" seats in the midlands and north west, with Labour majorities of 8,000, were on a knife edge despite the party's polls surge. She keeps negotiation with her own electorate to an absolute minimum.

Nonetheless, Tories have seen an upsetting setback in support after the Labour Party presented its left-wing agenda amid intensified controversy hovering over May's proposed health care project for seniors, and her unwelcomed absence from broadcast public debates.

"I called a general election because I believe the British people have a right to vote and say who they want to see leading them through the Brexit process", Ms May said in an election edition of BBC1's Question Time.

There were several things wrong with the Theresa May campaign which at the time of writing has shaken her close-knit campaign team and rattled May. "But I have been very impressed by the campaign that he has been running and I wish him the very best". "We all want to be able to have some security when we're old but we won't have it under her", she said. The truth is that the presidential-style campaign does not suit Theresa May.

May argues only she can provide the "strong and stable" leadership needed to secure a satisfactory exit from the European Union.

Trump's communications director Mike Dubke has resigned
A parallel can be made between the early struggles of the Trump administration and the first year of the Bill Clinton presidency . Dubke's tenure is open-ended and it's unclear if he'll officially depart the White House before a successor is named.

That is at the heart of my Conservative manifesto.

All the more, May's confident campaign struggled when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the prime minister of shying away from confrontation, after she had openly refused to partake in a debate last week on BBC with other political officials.

May faced a string of awkward questions from members of the public on Friday, including a challenge from a nurse, Victoria Davey, who left the leader faltering after confronting her over the one per cent pay increase of NHS staff, the Guardian reported on Friday.

Then again, if May had suffered a bruising encounter at nearly 10 p.m. on a Friday night, Tory spinners would tell everyone to pipe down because no-one in the real world cares about a TV question and answer session. "The only way they can be sure their taxes won't rise is to vote Conservative".

The chances are rising that the Conservatives will come up short of a majority and be forced to attempt to forge a coalition government or try and rule as a minority party. That was up from 137,400 at the cut-off date before the 2015 vote, and those aged between 18 and 24 skew heavily towards Jeremy Corbyn's Labour. As one Tory minister put it: "They can have Cambridge". And that would deliver the chaos of a hung parliament. Sooner or later the British were bound to ask who created all of this uncertainty, and sooner or later the blame was bound to fall on the Conservative Party, whose leaders launched the referendum and who have run the country since it happened.

From Colombo's standpoint a return of a Conservative Government would be best. Corbyn, on the other hand, has grown in her estimation.