Trump, Abbas Call for Revival of Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks


Netanyahu said, "We just finished the visit of US President Trump, the president of our biggest ally", according to Jerusalem Online. As a first step, American negotiators are trying to goad reluctant Israeli and Palestinian leaders back to peace talks that collapsed three years ago; and they might succeed, because neither side wants to say "No" to the president.

The President said that only when remembering the families "torn apart from everyone they loved, who suffered that bad darkness and evil, who endured the unbearable horror of the Holocaust, only then can we prevent this agony from ever repeating". "But they are losers, just remember that". Trump said that "with determination, compromise. and the belief that peace is possible, Israelis and Palestinians can make a deal".

Trump arrived in Bethlehem by motorcade, crossing a checkpoint at Israel's controversial separation wall, and was greeted by Abbas and other dignitaries outside the city's presidential palace.

Mr. Abbas reiterated to Mr. Trump "our commitment to cooperate with you in order to make peace and forge a historic peace deal" and to become partners with the USA against terrorism.

Also absent from Trump's visit was any mention of a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or curbs on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. "The peace we seek is genuine and durable, in which the Jewish state is recognised, security remains in Israel's hands, and the conflict ends once and for all".

Mr Trump is in Israel on the second stop in his nine-day tour of the Middle East and Europe.

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After his meeting with Abbas, Trump returned to Jerusalem for a solemn tribute to the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

Speaking at the White House earlier this month, U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians "may not be as hard as people have thought over the years".

"Making peace however will not be easy", Trump told an audience of Israeli politicians and other dignitaries at the Israel Museum.

"I would like to draw the attention to the issue of our Palestinian prisoners, who have been on hunger strike for more than one month, meters away from here in the vicinity of the Church of the Nativity". President Abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith.

"We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom", Trump said. Israel's right-wing camp saw that as a pass to ramp up construction in Israeli settlements, Jewish communities built on land the Palestinians want for a future state. He was not accompanied by any Israeli leaders during the visit.

Israel Hayom reported Thursday that Trump told Abbas during their private meeting in Bethlehem on Tuesday that his peace initiative will be based on the Saudi plan for a normalization of ties between Israel and Arab countries in the region, which would then lead to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The global community doesn't recognize Israeli sovereignty over east Jerusalem and Palestinians regard it as the future capital of an independent Palestinian state.