Trump administration may return U.S. compounds to Russian Federation


Equipment is removed from a Russian compound at Pioneer Point in Maryland in December after President Barack Obama imposed sanctions for Russia's alleged interference in the presidential campaign. The Obama administration characterized the properties as such when it revoked Russian ownership in late December as part of broader sanctions related to the election meddling.

The Trump administration may return two Russian compounds in NY and Maryland, according to a new report. Also, while the long-held suspicion that the consulates were secretly intelligence facilities sounds conspiratorial on the surface, countries using diplomatic covers for intelligence work is not uncommon.

Moscow did not receive any official information from Washington on the return of Russian diplomatic properties in the U.S., Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday.

A senior US official who deals with foreign policy told NBC News that he hadn't heard about the purported initiative to restore Russia's rights at the two compounds, but he said the Trump administration is intent on improving relations despite investigations into alleged Russian interference. US media reported earlier in the day that both the US Congress and Federal Bureau of Investigation were looking into whether Sessions and Kislyak met at Trump's campaign event in April 2016. The Russian government was unable to offer a similar response, which for Putin and his cabinet raises a question of whether the USA has no spies, or whether the Russians are just bad at finding them.

"The U.S. and Russian Federation have reached no agreements", R.C. Hammond, senior communications adviser for the U.S. State Department, told NBC News on Wednesday evening.

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R.C. Hammond, an adviser to Tiller, told the Post that "the USA and Russian Federation have reached no agreements".

On May 22, the Russian embassy in the USA tweeted out a warning that their government would take aggressive action if their compounds were not restored.

Russian Federation didn't retaliate against the US sanctions over the election hack.

Flynn left his White House job after barely three weeks when it was revealed he misled Vice President Mike Pence - who headed the transition team - about what he discussed with Kislyak.