Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman's power in costume


Gal Gadot, who is starring as "Amazon's princesses" in upcoming Patty Jenkins directorial Wonder Woman, finally met with her longtime mentor and icon Lynda Carter. Chief among them is Connie Nielsen, who plays Hippolyta, ruler of Themyscira and Queen of the Amazons. Wonder Woman is an origin story, and as such it runs down everything you need to know about Diana - where she's from, how she was raised, what her objective in life is, and how she came to be the fearless heroine we know and love. She gave us all a reason to stand up and fight for what's right. Diana of Themyscira had won the right to return Steve Trevor (who was a USA intelligence officer whose plane crash-landed on Paradise Island) to Man's World, where she fought not only crime but also the evilness of the evil Nazis.

The Israeli-born Gadot didn't grow up with Wonder Woman, but she was always on the lookout for powerful characters to play.

If the 96% holds too, then Wonder Woman is the highest-rated comic book movie of 2017 so far, higher than The LEGO Batman Movie (90%), Logan (92%), and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (81%).

Early in the 80's the Philippines had shown the Wonder Woman television series which transfixed viewers in a weekly basis.

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Next, Wonder Woman is in the World War One trenches where she single-handedly takes on a legion of armed enemies. Hopefully, Wonder Woman will teach audiences that men sometimes need to be rescued, and that's not just OK - it's normal, and something to embrace. Her history as a warrior and superhuman powers makes her an equal match to characters like Superman or Batman. We went from discussing how it might be a relatively small pop in the world of superhero films, to now banking an estimated $175M in its opening weekend.

AS women the world over - mostly - celebrate the release of the movie Wonder Woman, there is one country that's not so sure.

"At first, I questioned it because it wasn't her actual origin story, but very quickly I saw the genius behind it", Jenkins said. But to see women do it in their style was wonderful. And I think that it's an important movie not only for women and girls, but it's also great for boys and men...

Hopefully, the movie will not be overly scrutinzed because it stars a powerful woman.