Vote 2017: Tim Farron puts Brexit at heart of Liberal Democrats' manifesto


Launched today (17 May) the manifesto echoes a number of the policies set out in the Party's 2015 policy document (see story) - alongside a new commitment to pass a "Zero-Waste Act" which would include legally binding targets on the consumption of natural resources.

Controversially they also plan to legalise cannabis so it can be taxed and sold on the high street - which they estimate would raise £1bn in tax revenues. However the party has ruled out a pledge to scrap student tuition fees amid fears it would be too "expensive".

Mr Farron has already said he expects a Tory landslide on June 8.

There are now nine Lib Dem MPs, but the party has hopes of more than doubling that number next month with gains across the country including in south London, the south West of England and Scotland.

The Lib Dems pledge to hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal following two years of negotiations between London and Brussels, giving voters the chance to reject the agreement and stay in the European Union.

This time, however, Mr Farron is ruling that option out.

For a short time it seemed like it wasn't going to be needed but then came the PM's call to the ballot box.

He said pre-registration nurse funding would be brought back in England by reinstating the £10bn investment that had been lost due to the government's removal of bursaries.

Ireland may soon have its first gay Prime Minister
It remains to be seen how Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald will vote, but sources say she will endorse her Dublin colleague. Mr Coveney did get a boost yesterday after TDs Hildegarde Naughton, Peter Fitzpatrick and Sean Barrett backed him.

Tim Farron has laid into Theresa May - lumping her in with Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen - as he accused her of allowing the Conservatives to be "taken over" by UKIP's agenda.

"Jeremy Corbyn's numbers simply don't add up, and he can't be trusted to run the economy or negotiate the right deal for Britain".

After his speech, the Lib Dem leader was later asked by a nurse at the conference what action his party would take to ensure safe nurse staffing levels.

Under the Conservative government's current plans for a new funding formula, schools in Birmingham will lose £20 million. In order to do that, they have shifted to the right.

The manifesto also says the party will reform vehicle taxation to encourage sales of electric and low-emission vehicles and develop electric vehicle infrastructure including universal charging points.

'Not Theresa May's cold, mean-spirited Britain'.

"I'd take issue with you about the local elections, we increased our vote share by 7%, the only opposition party that was left standing as a outcome of all that". The Britain I love is open, tolerant and united.