Vancouver family behind Steveston sea lion incident contemplates legal action


After the video of the sea lion pulling a little girl off a dock and into the water went viral over the weekend, dozens of tourists flocked to the scene at Steveston in Richmond, British Columbia, in hopes of seeing the offending animal.

The girl was treated for the wound at B.C. Children's Hospital, then her family contacted the aquarium after hearing officials say the bite could contain bacteria that requires a particular type of treatment.

"Recently, a little girl was pulled into the water while sitting on the bull rail on the public sales float, after her parents had been trying to get the animal's attention..." the statement said.

Lau said his daughter's grandfather may have saved the girl's life by jumping into the water so swiftly. From the video, the sea lion used its mouth to grab the little girl who voluntarily moved to the edge of the boat to possibly look at the creature up close.

Colbert had high praise for the "action grandpa" who leaped into the water to pull the girl back out... and a few jokes at the expense of the younger, able-bodied people who helped by "recording and screaming". "They were probably very shaken up and just wanted to get away from the sea lion as fast as possible".

Dramisino said she would still bring visiting friends and family to the harbour, but it's important to keep a distance from wild animals.

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The sea lion appears to have been drawn to the dock on Saturday by adults who were reportedly throwing bread crumbs into the water. Signage in the area has since gone up, suggesting that disturbing marine wildlife could carry up to a $100,000 fine.

"This is a thousand-pound wild animal".

"It's a mistake to feed them".

The family acknowledged that the girl got too close, but told CBC News on Tuesday that they were neither feeding nor taking pictures of the sea lion.

The sea lion seen across the world may now be the centre of a lawsuit.