Celine Dion Performs 'Titanic' Hit "My Heart"


The 30-year-old entertainer commented on Vanessa's gorgeous looks tonight while accepting an award during the show at the T-Mobile Arena on Sunday night (May 21) in Las Vegas.

"That was a moment right now!" host Ludacris said.

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Celine Dion gave a heartwrenching performance of her hit song My Heart Will Go On at this year's Billboard Music Awards. Despite an apparent exhaustion that might come from performing the song for 20 years, the Canadian powerhouse singer reveled in the fact that varying audience members - even those not born at the time of "Heart Will Go On" initial release - "were all singing with" her. The huge climbs and lung-busting notes in "My Heart Will Go On" have stymied many karaoke singers, but Dion once again demonstrated her impressive vocal range and ending the song with attractive melismatic run.

"I said, "Forget about the rest of all the 15 racks you brought me, this is it", Celine added. "Because I get it.it's a big day today". This dress was just ... Roach explained: "We collaborate as a team. I adore her. And obviously Barbra Streisand - they've always been these role models for me growing up, and it made me work harder and take better care of myself to just be the best that I can be". We went together. She's wonderful. "I got my whole family up here", said Drake, who stood onstage with almost two dozen people, including his father, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. In her music, the belief in the redeeming power of love, be it romantic or quasi-spiritual, is unassailable.