Tom Hardy Is Venom in The Upcoming Sony 'Venom' Movie


Tom Hardy gave us a pretty memorable - and quotable - turn as DC Comics villain Bane. Additionally, Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer will helm the project, marking his first feature-length directorial gig since 2013's Gangster Squad. So you can probably forget about the version of Venom portrayed by Topher Grace in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 3".

Tom Hardy, who has been a huge fan of Venom - yes, yes that's him in a selfie he took announcing the role - was the meat and potatoes of Mad Max: Fury Road. Sony tweeted out this image with Hardy in a Venom shirt to announce the casting and that production is set to start in the fall.

Accordibg to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Tom Hardy has been cast as Venom for Sony's upcoming Spider-Man spinoff based on the symbiote-infected villain.

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Hardy will play Venom's first-incarnation, Eddie Brock, a journalist who falsely exposes the identity of a serial killer, only to have Spider-Man capture the real criminal. With the infamous anti-hero possibly fitting into plans of a new shared Spider-Man universe. Still, the decision not to have Spider-Man involved is one that we can't quite get over. Since Eddie Brock's entire origin story (and Venom's powers!) only make sense if Spider-Man exists, this feels like a weird call. Everyone's favorite symbiote anti-hero, Venom, will be swinging into theaters sooner than expected on October 5, 2018, and now Tom Hardy is confirmed to be playing the one known to speak in the pural first-person while slobbering about brains and some such. The movie is the second reboot of the franchise, this time including the character into Marvel's Cinematic Universe as he tries to balance his double life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

Venom is a major villain in the Marvel comics.