US admiral: North Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster'


While criticizing the UN Security Council's statement denouncing Pyongyang's latest ballistic missile launch, a ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that the North is ready to fight if the USA opts for a military provocation.

U.S. Disarmament Ambassador Wood said China was key given that 90 percent of North Korea's trade was with that country.

The U.S. and China were negotiating a resolution that would implement new sanctions and tighten existing penalties on Pyongyang, diplomats said. "They have really tried to help us in our communications with North Korea".

The Security Council on Monday condemned the North's latest missile test and warned of new sanctions.

It has been working to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the USA mainland, and experts say Sunday's test was another step toward that aim.

He said the council is exploring many different avenues to proceed and "clearly sanctions are a way to go", but also diplomacy.

Asked whether North Korea's missile programme was developing faster than expected, he said: "Yes".

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South Korea's new president also announced a new policy shift that favored dialogue with North Korea and said he would work to ease military tensions.

Besides worries about North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs, cyber security researchers have found technical evidence they said could link Pyongyang with the WannaCry "ransomware" cyber attack that has infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries since Friday. The Indian-American said any country that doesn't implement United Nations sanctions is supporting Pyongyang's actions. Haley said, adding that Russian Federation had it "all wrong".

The South Korean military has said that the descending rate of the Hwasong-12 missile was somewhere between Mach 15 and 24, which falls short of the minimum falling rate of Mach 24 that any intercontinental ballistic missile would have recorded.

North Korea launched Sunday what appeared to be its longest-range ballistic missile yet, saying it was capable of carrying a "heavy nuclear warhead" in a test aimed at bringing the USA mainland within reach.

"We can not be in a "wait and see" mode until the next provocation occurs, " said France's Ambassador Fran├žois Delattre.

Despite the push for a tougher stance, Haley held out the prospect of direct talks with North Korea, saying "we are willing to talk but not until we see a total stop of the nuclear process and of any test there".

"The conversations that I have dealing with Beijing is that if (North Korea) did something else and if it looked to be long-range, which this does, and if it looks like it is proactively leaning toward an ICBM, which it does, then we would take action", Haley said.