Trump adviser to leave the White House


Gorka would be taking an "appointment to a federal agency" where he will examine the "war of ideas" on how to counter radical Islamic terrorism, sources told theWashington Examiner on Sunday.

Assuming the reports are accurate, it's highly unlikely that Gorka is leaving the White House by choice, particularly following a Buzzfeed report last week that suggested he lacked the necessary security clearance to even be a national security adviser.

Another official told CNN that it is unclear if Gorka would take another job within the Trump administration, but it seems more likely he will just leave the White House completely.

Gorka has served as a deputy assistant to Trump and has worked on the National Security Council and Steve Bannon's Strategic Initiatives Group, which Gorka previously said is a "node of power" for coordinating task forces to collaborate with people outside of government. "This guy has always been a big mystery to me", the source said of Gorka's contributions to the staff.

A spokesperson for the White House told BuzzFeed News that there was "nothing to announce at this time" regarding Gorka.

Citing two unnamed sources, the Examiner reported that Gorka will soon accept an assignment elsewhere in the administration, outside the White House.

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At least 18 Democratic representatives signed a letter calling on President Trump to dismiss the top security adviser.

The Washington Examiner first reported Gorka's expected departure. That official said Gorka was simply generating too much controversy for the White House.

Little is known about Gorka's new position, except that it won't be at the State Department.

Gorka could not be reached for comment.

It's worth pointing out again that Gorka isn't being removed from any positions because of his extremely questionable ties to Hungary's far-right Nazi sympathizing Vitézi Rend.

Regardless, Gorka apparently never got proper security clearance to perform his White House duties, so he's better off somewhere else where his talents can be put to use.