Nintendo reveals foldable New 2DS XL for $149


At that price, New 2DS XL serves as a middle ground between the existing 2DS and 3DS systems, while combining appealing features from both models. While lacking in actual stereoscopic 3D functionality, its clamshell design is much more similar to the 3DS XL than the old 2DS.

While everyone talks about the early greatness of the Nintendo Switch, we need to remember that it's got one solid, wonderful title ready to go at launch; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The new clamshell design means Nintendo has been able to pack in two larger screens, which the company claims are 82% bigger than on the standard 2DS.

Nintendo says the New 2DS XL will play "all Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS, and most Nintendo DS games in 2D".

Remember when Nintendo's handhelds were clearly named (GameBoy, GameBoy Pocket, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance) and didn't sound like a word jumble? Over its lifetime the Nintendo 3DS line has sold more than 66 million units, including 7 million a year ago.

Neon Yellow joy-con controllers add to the Switch colour splash

On top of that, the New 2DS XL is compatible with amiibos, can play New 3DS games (like Xenoblade Chronicles and Binding of Isaac Rebirth), has faster processing speeds, and a C-stick.

Globally, Nintendo sold 2.76 million copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch (including the Wii U version, the total is 3.84 million copies).

The company anticipates selling another 10 million Switch machines in the fiscal year that ends in March 2018. Nintendo's latest quarterly earnings report revealed that in its first month of availability - up to March 31 - it sold 2.74 million units, significantly exceeding its predictions of two million sales for the same period.

Overall, the sales generated 489 billion yen (US$4.39 billion) in revenue and 29.4 billion yen (US$264 million) in operating profit for the company. That will help keep the ball rolling early, and we'll know more about future Nintendo offerings at E3 2017 later this year.

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